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Recent Interview: The New Way We Work

Liz was recently featured on The New Way We Work, a successful podcast through Fast Company Magazine. The episode examines the two sides of ageism in the workplace for women. You can listen to the episode on Apple podcasts.

About the episode:

Earlier this season, Kate Davis talked to New York Times columnist Jessica Grose about a piece Grose wrote called “the hour between babe and hag”. The article examines gendered ageism. Jessica writes that there seems to be about 10 years when a woman can hope to be taken seriously at work. Roughly from age 35-45. On either end of that, women are more likely to face ageism. On one side for being perceived as too young, and on the other side as being past their prime. In this episode, we hear a conversation between two women on either side of the "hour".


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