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New Workshop dates coming soon!

Liz produces an intensive workshop with 9 talented multi-hyphenates who are ready to tackle the next project.

If there is one thing that has become clear it is that life is unpredictable. Our resilience and ability to take action can feel overwhelming. However, if there is one thing I have learned throughout this crazy time it is that you have to take charge of your own artistic path. You are able to create it if you are given the tools and resources to make it happen. I want to help you make your dream a reality!

This 4 week workshop will set you up for success.

By the end you will have started something that will not only be artistically fulfilling, it will also give you the potential to achieve financial stability through your artistic pursuits.

We can’t wait around for someone to hire us or for the world to open back up to get started. We have to figure that out on our own so that an audition or side-hustle no longer dictates our happiness or financial freedom.


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